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Unbeatable Bleacher Prices and Bleacher Services in California Guaranteed

Why Choose California Bleachers?

We are the only company in California who is able to offer all bleacher services to our clients which include New Bleacher sales, Delivery, Installation, Repairs, and Custom Bleacher designs. When starting your search for aluminum bleachers you tend to find that many advertisers merely sell bleachers made by other companies. At California Bleachers we make all of our aluminum understructures at our shop located in San Bernardino, Ca. We have our own aluminum dies that are extruded in Los Angeles, meaning we get our aluminum plank at market value which saves money for the buyer.  We have over 25 years of experience in the Aluminum bleacher industry and are proud to say that "when you work with us you are working with the best."

The Only Aluminum Bleacher Manufacturer in California
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